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Hey guys!! You are invited to our 1st annual Lexington Community Radio potluck on November 19th at 6 pm at Arabesque World Dance Studio. Lexington Community Radio/ El Pulso members are welcome to bring friends and family…Bring your favorite dish!! If you have any talents, and want to perform for the potluck, e-mail us at […]

The Fall Family Festival was an amazing success! Our Volunteer DJs from El Pulso 95.7 FM put their minds together to represent Lexington Community Radio in the Cardinal Valley neighborhood on Alexandria Dr. We want to thank all the Hispanic businesses who donated money to make T-shirts for the public and for our DJs. We […]

We want to let you know that the Good Giving Challenge 2016 is coming up soon! If you weren’t with us last year, GGC is a challenge where the community gets together to donate to 121 non-profits from the Bluegrass region. In 2015 during the Good Giving Challenge, THANKS to people like YOU, Lexington Community Radio raised $34,335. Since we had the most […]

“When we were approached about possibly joining the LCR family we did not know what to expect, but after meeting Hap and the rest of the family (Rosa, Chuck) we knew that we could use talk radio as a platform to reach a different audience.  As community organizers we use talk radio as a way […]

We are so lucky to have friends like West Sixth Brewery. Lexington Community Radio was nominated as the recipient of the Cocoa Porter Pay it Forward, where we received fifty cents from West Sixth Brewing for each six-pack sold and then another fifty cents from Clark Distributing Co. or Liquor Barn. We received a total […]

Venezuelan insurance duo, Mirna Cerrada and Rebeca Serrada are brining the Latino community of Lexington together to learn about how to be properly insured. They bring in topics that might answer questions such as: If I am separated from my husband, how do we go about doing a title transfer for a car we owned? […]

Bluegrass Refugee Voices is a radio program hosted by Kentucky Refugee Ministries’ staff members Dana Lea and Karissa Porter. Dana has been with the organization for almost 3 years and Karissa for 12. KRM is a refugee resettlement agency located in both Louisville and Lexington. Here in Lexington we resettled over 350 individuals from the […]

We want to thank everyone who came out to Lexington Community Radio’s one-year anniversary. We are so proud of all our board members, DJs, volunteers, interns, friends, family, audience members, donors, and anyone who is a part of the Lexington Community Radio family. Whether you have been with LCR since the beginning or joined recently, […]

Help Local is a show that helps to educate the community about local organizations that are essential to the safety and well-being of Lexington.The show is led by Mary Houlihan, director of victim services at Fayette Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office and Diane Fleet, assistant director of Greenhouse 17, an organization dedicated to assisting survivors of domestic […]

We want to let you know that the Good Giving Challenge of 2016 on coming up soon! If you weren’t with us last year, GGC is a challenge where the community gets together to donate to 121 non-profits from the Bluegrass region. In 2015 during the Good Giving Challenge , THANKS to people like YOU, […]

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