SPOTLIGHT Ciencia sin Miedo

Written by on July 17, 2017

I’m Sebastian Hernandez and I produce the show Ciencia Sin Miedo on 95.7 FM El Pulso Latino in Lexington, KY. This show is intended to bring listeners closer to science and technology by relating these topics with our everyday lives. Through simple language, Ciencia Sin Miedo explains the causes of many phenomenons that occur in nature, as well as matters related to physical, emotional, and mental health, and covers topics of nutrition, technological development, and all that surrounds us in an scientific context. Ciencia Sin Miedo is an educational space for everyone, where listeners have the opportunity to question and learn while being entertained with a variety of topics and music. You can listen to Ciencia Sin Miedo live every Wednesday from 6-7, and listen to the re-air on Friday at 3 PM and Sunday at 11 AM.

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