تحديث وزارة الصحة 24 مارس 2020

كتب بواسطة في 24 مارس 2020

LFCHD reports Lexington’s number of COVID-19 cases have doubled

“Lexington’s confirmed cases of COVID-19 is now up to 28 (including yesterday’s death), doubling the number reported yesterday by the governor. The current jump is in part because of a lag time in receiving confirmed cases, but also because it appears the national count is doubling every two days. We cannot stress this enough: people need to practice social distancing and stay home as much as possible! Don’t invite friends over for board games, puzzles, a party or any other forms of socializing, even if it’s less than 10 people. Recent cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Lexington came from a small party in which a person without symptoms unknowingly spread it to others. This is why it is important for everyone – whether they’re sick, symptomatic or seemingly fine – to follow the public health guidelines by staying home.

Lexington’s confirmed COVID-19 case count will now be updated at 3 p.m. daily at lfchd.org. These numbers might not always match up with the ones issued by the governor’s office because of the involvement of private labs, a lag time in reporting and the difficulty the state can face in receiving case updates from across Kentucky.”

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