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RADIOLEX’s incredible team of volunteer translators received the Amici Linguarum Award (Friend of Languages) from the Kentucky World Language Association for their work as part of the Governor’s Language Access Team. The Language Access Team was created by Gov. Beshear and his communications team with the goal of providing the public with access to official […]

Thanks to you RADIOLEX IS FIVE TODAY! THERE IS SO MUCH TO CELEBRATE Starting with the vision of our founder, Debra Hensley, and the hard work of a dedicated crew of community volunteers, WLXL started broadcasting five years ago today. WLXU hit the airwaves a year later. With the support of folks just like you, […]

Later this fall RADIOLEX will make the move to our new home in the Greyline Station & Market. The new facility is twice our current size, and it’s in the heart of the community. The new space will allow more folks than ever to access our public airwaves and create unbelievable local content. We have […]

In an era of so much bad behavior, WLXU’s show Kentucky Barefoot Radio is challenging you to come up with a song, poem, or verse to stop evildoers in their tracks. THE THIEVING CROOKS CRIME-FIGHTING SONGWRITER CHALLENGE Whether they’re stealing your bike, your government, or your heart, it’s up to you to pen the words […]

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