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with Safiya Nawaar, Ken Farrell, and Rosa Paulin

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Lexington's Art Beat taps into our creative community by interviewing local artists of all genres: dancers, musicians, painters, sculptors, novelists, poets, filmmakers and other creators who help add color and life to our community. We explore their drives, passions, and inspirations as we delve deep into their lives and talents. ArtBeat is also a forum for discussing upcoming workshops and events, including an exploration of the numerous art venues both new and historical that make our community such a rich and interesting place. Your guide on this journey of artistic exploration is none other than local performance artist Safiya Nawaar. She is joined in studio by the talented Rosa Paulin, and Ken Farrell (otherwise known as El Gringo Grande), to add a little bit of bi-lingual spice to the show and bring its message to our very important Hispanic community!

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