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quedUpRadio: Hot Topics, thought provoking COMMENTARY and Music. quedUpRadio also provides a platform to independent and unsigned artists where they can to express their creativity.

QuedUp Radio, since its inception in 2007, has been breaking barriers to bring you the latest in music. In its infancy, QuedUp Radio was a blog on MySpace. Shortly after a hand injury and an inability to perform, Myron Guthrie aka Yaboiqued, was approached by the associates of the BlogTalkRadio network and was asked to help beta test the by adding quedUpRadio to the network. Its current format of hot topics, community service, as well as awesome independent and unsigned artists was cemented in those early days. quedUpRadio was the first show of its kind to offer varied music coupled with interviews and reviews. After his relocation to Tennessee and anticipating another move to Lexington,Kentucky, quedUpRadio was relaunched as a one minute segment on “The Josh Ayers Show,” a top rated show on Americana station, WHAY 98.3FM. The move would go on to help land quedUpRadio a full length show on University of Kentucky student led Alternative radio, WRFL 88.1.

In less than a year at WRFL 88.1 FM,quedUpRadio went from an unknown show in Lexington,Kentucky to a show in the Top 3,further pushing the envelope and raising the bar daily. We are very proud to announce that we are joining the Lexington Community Radio family at WLXU 93.9FM and will be heard on Mondays at 7PM EST in addition to our Friday show at www.BlogtalkRadio.com/quedUpRadio.

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