Real Life Keto Show

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MONDAY 11:30 am 11:59 am

with the KETO-SIStas

Rebecca and Bridgette bring you education, ideas, news, and more about living the Keto lifestyle.

Meet the KETO-SIStas, two friends who are committed to sharing hope and health through the keto lifestyle. Rebecca Hannifan is a fitness instructor and biohack coach. Bridgette Campbell, a former teacher who has overcome some significant health challenges, now uses her love for teaching to help others who may also be struggling with their health. Together, these friends have created the Real Life Keto Movement. They are passionate about helping people, especially women, find their best health practices for their real life. Ignoring the lure of a “perfect diet,” Rebecca and Bridgette help people find a way of eating that fits into their real-life but still moves them toward better health. Join the KETO-SIStas each week as they explore small changes you can make over time to help optimize your health. Laugh and learn your way to Fun Keto, Serious Results with the Real Life Keto show, featuring the KETO-SIStas.

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