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ZOMBIE CRAWL: Live Radio Drama & Scavenger Hunt

JOIN US IF YOU DARE... The zombie apocalypse is here!RADIOLEX is hosting a Zombie Crawl on October 22.It's a zombie-themed, team-based scavenger hunt played on mobile phones throughout the community. Special clues and hints will be broadcast on RADIOLEX as part of live ‘news’ coverage about the zombie invasion (think War of the Worlds but with zombies).Created in conjunction with Goosechase, the scavenger hunt will be made up of several […]

todaySeptember 29, 2022 64


It’s Your America

It's Your America Sep 28 & 29 at Limestone Hall Are tech companies censoring people or letting misinformation run wild?It’s complicated – and so are you. This is the place to make your voice heard without all the labels, assumptions, and screaming matches.From families and Congress to school board meetings and town halls, politics is tearing us apart. This event puts relationships, communities, and solutions back at the center.And we’re […]

todaySeptember 23, 2022 44


UnityFest July 9

Our community has been hit hard by gun violence. Our friends and neighbors are coping with the repeated grief of losing friends and family. We are experiencing the trauma of living on streets where witnessing gun violence has sadly become routine.UnityFest is an opportunity for individuals, organizations, and businesses in our community to come together and stand in solidarity against gun violence.RADIOLEX and The Voyage Movement/H.E.A.R.T.S. hope to empower ordinary […]

todayJune 22, 2022 376


JustFundKY Pride Specials

Since 2019 and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, JustFundKY has generously supported RADIOLEX.  Funds from the Cliff Todd Endowment have allowed RADIOLEX to create multiple series showcasing the lives and stories of LGBTQ+ members of our community.Colorful Exchanges is a series of interviews hosted by Shawn Ka'Ron Bumpase exploring the experience of black LGBTQ+ members of our community.  A spin-off series, Meeting at the Intersections, hosted by Wanda McCants explores interracial relationships […]

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Kentucky Colonels Award RADIOLEX Community News Grant

On Wednesday, June 15, 2022, the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels awarded RADIOLEX a grant to purchase community reporter field kits for our Community News Room. The Kentucky Colonels awarded 314 grants this year totaling $3.1 million and impacting more than 3.9 million Kentuckians. Grants are made possible through donations from contributing Kentucky Colonels from throughout the Commonwealth and around the world who chose to exercise this honor in a […]

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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Access, and Justice

RADIOLEX provides a mass media platform to elevate and amplify underrepresented local voices in order to promote an equitable, inclusive community. RADIOLEX is created by 160+ friends and neighbors from central Kentucky, who produce thousands of hours of original, hyper-local content each year in English and in Spanish on WLXU 93.9  FM and WLXL 95.7 FM (Lexington’s only Spanish-language FM radio station). RADIOLEX also plays a critical public safety role by […]

todayJune 9, 2022 323


Our Commitment to Public Safety

RADIOLEX is a Public Safety Radio Station When Emergencies occur in our community, we are licensed to provide up-to-date, relevant information specific to the community we serve. RADIOLEX has a special designation from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which calls our station to designate a portion of our programming and air time to ‘public safety’. Preparedness is the best defense for an Emergency. Every hour, we air public service announcements (PSAs) […]

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The Voice of the People

Inclusion = Representation RADIOLEX plays a critical role in making sure ALL the people in our community have a voice. Media ownership matters. Media coverage determines the way we view issues. When local people are not involved in shaping news and content, issues important to the community get ignored. Issues like economic inclusion, quality public education, access to health care, racism, immigration reform, hate crime prevention, and more. Not about […]

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Greyline Station & Market
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