Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Access, and Justice

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RADIOLEX provides a mass media platform to elevate and amplify underrepresented local voices in order to promote an equitable, inclusive community. 

RADIOLEX is created by 160+ friends and neighbors from central Kentucky, who produce thousands of hours of original, hyper-local content each year in English and in Spanish on WLXU 93.9  FM and WLXL 95.7 FM (Lexington’s only Spanish-language FM radio station). RADIOLEX also plays a critical public safety role by providing real-time, community-level information during severe weather, disasters, and other local emergencies. 

RADIOLEX broadcasts in the heart of Lexington, Kentucky via low-power FM. Low power FM is a special broadcast designation established by Congress and the FCC in 2000. It aims to foster diversity on public airwaves, allowing a range of voices and points of view not found in national and regional corporate media.  

According to Pew Research Center, Black and Hispanic Americans consider many local news topics more important for their daily lives than do white Americans. And yet nationally, newsroom employees are less demographically diverse than US workers overall. 76% of newsroom employees are white vs. 64% of the general workforce. Almost half of all newsroom employees are white men vs. 34% of the general workforce. Moreover, white people are more likely to be interviewed by journalists than their Black and Hispanic counterparts.

Creating media equity focuses on changing the structures & systems that created the inequities in the first place.

When developing our programming and content, RADIOLEX carefully considers:

  • Diversity: whose voices get to be heard? 
  • Equity: whose voices are trying to be heard but haven’t been? 
  • Access: who doesn’t even know there’s a possibility for their voice to be heard?
  • Inclusion: has everyone had a chance to be heard? 
  • Justice: is anyone not speaking up because their voice is different from the dominant majority? 

Since taking to the airwaves in September 2015, RADIOLEX has provided a forum for public debate, a platform for community influencers, and a megaphone for non-profits who are working hard to improve quality of life in our community.  

RADIOLEX enjoys strategic partnerships with the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department,  Lexington’s Division of Emergency Management, Department of Environmental Quality and Public Works, and Division of Social Services. Our programming, offered 24/7 in English and Spanish, includes a  range of subjects from news and public safety to local music and the arts, to news, current events, and pop culture.  

Written by: Mark Royse

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